Choosing the Perfect Watch

There are so many different products available in the accessory market today that it can be handful to go through and choose the right one.  There are so many things you have to think about before actually going through and making the purchase because you want to be sure that you aren’t wasting your time and your money.  Buying a watch is no different!

Choices to make about your watch

  • How it is powered 

If you are purchasing a digital watch, it probably is powered by one of the tiny watch batteries that can be found at convenience stores or even supermarkets.  More expensive watches will run on quartz crystal, but that will cost you.  If you enjoy buying watches that are antique, you will at some point run into a watch that is powered mechanically.  Much like a mechanical clock, it does have to be wound.  They also are expensive, like the quartz watches.  The most cheap watches from are going to be the ones that are battery powered.


  • Analog or digital? 

Depending on how good you are with looking at a watch face, you have the decision of whether you want your numbers to be analog or digital.  Simply speaking, an analog watch face has hands.  Some of these watches may have all 12 of the numbers featured while others may only have certain numbers highlighted to mark divisions of the watch face, such as 12, 3, 6, and 9.  There are even some analog watches that only have tick marks but no numbers.  The watch hands work in the same way they would if the numbers were present.  For some, looking at all of this can be a pain.  That is why digital watches have become more popular.  Looking at the watch quickly and seeing it displayed in numeric form is much faster.

  • Type of band 

There are some people who have allergies to certain fabrics or metals, so this will play a big factor in deciding which watch you might purchase.  At the same time, if you find the face that you like, you can always inquire into whether the band can be switched out for another that is more suitable for your taste.

Different types of popular watches

  • Fashion

Everyone has their own choices for buying watches, and one of the most popular reasons for owning a watch is to incorporate it into your wardrobe.  The great thing about fashion watches is that they are very affordable.

  • Sports

For those involved in outdoor or fitness activities, these watches often are more durable and have features that can help with keeping track of fitness information.

  • Technological

Just like there are those that are fans of rough and tough watches, there are some that are fond of those that have technological features they can use, from something as simple as a calculator to a more elaborate feature like a to-do list.

  • Everyday

For some people, buying a watch is just a part of everyday life.  You wear it as a way to judge the time, and you are not overly hard on your watch.  These watches need to be something that will stand up the duration of being worn so often, but don’t need to be as tough or technological as others.