4 Great Girls’ Night In Ideas

Girls’ nights out can be lots of fun, but sometimes, you just want to stay in and do something a little more chilled out and relaxing. Whether you’re on a budget, don’t want to venture out into the cold this winter or are getting bored with visiting the same old restaurants and bars, there are plenty of great girls’ night in ideas that can be an awesome alternative. If you’re planning a night with the girls this weekend and want to stay at home, we’ve put together some great ideas that you might want to use.

Games Night

Who says that gaming nights are just for the boys? Games night can be a great theme for your girls’ night in, whether you’re playing on gaming consoles, your smartphones and tablets, or even if you decide to ditch the tech and play some classic favourite board games instead. You could even use games such as Sun Bingo to try and win some money for a takeaway! Or, why not make your night even more interesting by trying to come up with your own game ideas for something unique!

Movie Night

The original girls’ night in, there’s nothing better than a movie night in your pyjamas with a selection of your favourite foods and drinks. Whether you’re going to watch a romantic chick flick or want to see the latest action movie release, why waste time going to the cinema with your girlfriends when there are so many movies to choose from to watch online! A movie night is also a great opportunity to relax for a bit, so why not stock up on face masks and have some pamper time, too.

Wine Tasting

If you want to stay inside but don’t want to miss out on having a glass of wine or two, setting up a fun wine tasting event at your home can be a fun way to spend an evening with your best friends. Make sure to get a selection of different wines, and you could even make it more interesting by having everybody guess where the particular wine that they’re tasting originates from. You can choose your own wines, or even invest in a specially designed wine tasting kit.

Cook a Meal

If a five-star restaurant isn’t in your budget, why not bring the atmosphere to your home instead by cooking the best meal you can for everybody. You could work together as a team to prepare your dish, or even impress your friends by holding a ‘come dine with me’ competition where you all cook for each other and take turns in going to each other’s homes for a dinner party. Not only is this loads of fun, but it’s a great chance to do more cooking and make new, tasty dishes that you haven’t tried before.

How do you like to spend your girls’ nights in? Whether you’re all about fun and games or prefer to relax and unwind, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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