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How To Dress Properly For Every Occasion

We talked with a fashion expert, who told us what the basic tips to have a look ad whose every moment are.

Definitely there is nothing more uncomfortable than not give the spot to “dress code” event to which we have invited. And they are not a fashion expert for whom the mission dress “semi-formal” or understand the difference between a look of marriage or a gala, can mean a real headache.

And as is very likely that more than one has suffered with the insecurity of not knowing if you wear the right look before leaving home, we developed this guide to understand the “dress code” for each event. For this, we talked with Maria Paz Blanco, psychologist, image consultant and director of Effortless Chic, who then share with us everything we need to know each dress code.

“We often invite us to events that do not know how to dress and that is certainly a mistake we can avoid. The key is to make sure what the dress code and dress for the occasion based on that. One of the best tips for me is to be one itself, not overloaded and apply the “less is more” elegant ”

 How To Dress Properly For Every Occasion

How to dress for a gala

The gala is one of the most formal events there and a great opportunity to dazzle. “Always be most appropriate in the case of women’s wear long dresses, short dresses, however, there are also equally elegant, much depends on the attitude and personality of who wears it. For example, Cara Delevingne looks amazing in a short dress Balmain, but Jane Fonda would be the most appropriate, ”

According to the expert, the key to this look is to wear something that attracts attention, can be an extravagant dress or a fabulous accessory. Yes, so it will not look overdone, you must choose what to highlight. “For example, if the dress is extravagant, hairstyle or makeup has to be more conventional.” He adds that with regard to accessories, “this is the opportunity to carry tacos, shiny jewelry and always a portfolio type clutch (hand). Never use a forearm or shoulder wallet and not in the body, because this detracts formality “.

As for what colors to use, image consultant says, “solid and neutral dresses are an excellent complement to a look with emphasis on the jewels.” It also warns that the hairstyle is very important. “The hair often plays a trick. In a gala the “casual look” is not allowed, should always be polished “he says.

How to dress for a wedding

Many believe the look that we have a marriage night, could be similar to the gala. But the truth is that “the difference between a goalie and a marriage is that the former has somewhat more eccentric, more theatrical and allows you to play. While marriage is a rite conventional character, where the protagonist should always be the bride, ”

This time the look depends greatly on the location and whether it is day or night. But in any case, “this does not mean you have to wear the same clothes we wear for a cocktail or to go dancing,” says image consultant.

“In young women short dresses are very good, but it should never be miniskirt. This must be accompanied by shoes or chalets with a taco, never with boots or platforms. As for the hair, it must be careful and impeccable “he says. And older women recommend using “long dresses with sleeves or round neck 3/4”.

How to Dress Formal

In this case there is no way to miss the Formal Dress Code means you show off your look more elegant and extravagant taken to avoid or too plays.

“For women always involves tacos, never boots, ballerinas or other shoes. If you choose a dress, it should be short on the knee, but never mini skirt. The idea is to look for something elegant but sober. In the case of men has to be long and tie sleeve shirt “advises Maria Paz.

How to dress semi formal

Maria Paz explains that when the dress code says semi formal, can go to a “chic look”. This means, “not as formal as a tuxedo or a long dress, but a look that clearly is not an office,” he says.

“One of my favorite options is the pantsuit for women, because it looks modern, sophisticated and stylish. Here we can see the look like a fun accessory. In the case of the dresses it is important to be on the knees, not long, but not extremely short. The little black dress is a very good choice, “says the director of Effortless Chic.

The fashion expert also explains that to make the difference in this look at night or day, the key is in brightness.

“The difference is made by applying glare or satin fabrics in clothes and makeup. The dress can be perfectly the same, but the makeup is one that can make the difference between day and night, “said Marias Paz.

How to dress a casual look

This look much depends on the location and type of event you attend. It is very different to attend a championship Polo a reception to sea. Maria Paz says that we must be careful not believe that we can go with the first thing we found in the closet or what we would use to go by the newspaper.

“Casual  dress for day to day, something relaxed, without much production. Basic good quality can deliver a casual look, but elegant and classy. Here materiality plays a fundamental role and it is important to assess the food preparation, “says image consultant.

How to Dress Sport

The fashion expert tells us that the sport look does not mean having to use a marathon held, unless you’re one of the competitors. “Today a sporty look can be acute Bermuda shorts or jeans, striped turtleneck, with espadrilles or dress shoes, that while they are not running, are part of a sport chic look,” he says.

Also it warns that in these cases the “diver” must be left at home, unless indeed actively go to a gym class or other sporting activity involved.