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Long Dress. Evening Dress.

In this dress he is also known as an evening dress. Similarity to menswear we can say that is the pledge of more female clothing label if takes some glue, it is considered more formal, gala-. Although the designs are heavily influenced by fashion, we can say that are characterized by their elegance and the use of high quality fabrics: satins, silks, velvets, etc. Supplements should also be of high quality in the case of jewelry, but the quality- few.

Long Dress. Evening Dress.

To choose a dress “tag” the woman has a wide variety of possibilities: discrete necklines, suggestive suspenders, back in the air … but always with taste and elegance. The dress should be long covering entire legs; it is recommended to wear stockings, but the legs are not visible. Shoes should be high and thin heel, to match the dress. Small bag, hand, metal, tortoiseshell or fabric with rhinestones or brocades. Regarding jewelry, few and qualities (a necklace, earrings and a bracelet and ring).

Pearls and diamonds remain the queens of the night: they are elegant and not go out of fashion. Evening dresses, admit inlaid rhinestones, sequins and luxurious day dress designs. Colors, generally dark (black is still the king) although fashion greatly influences it. Supports colorful accessories like long gloves to the elbow or above it. Coats fantasy, or mink stoles, shawls, etc.

Although some designers like Yves Saint Laurent have created the “feminine tuxedo” with pants, it cannot be changed by the long dress. It is elegant, but still not comparable to evening dress. Al-smoking tuxedo and tails of knights, their rightful general rule, the long dress ladies, although on occasion, the tuxedo you can match the cocktail dress, if the occasion is not too formal.