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Fashion Trends In France

It’s another year, another year for a great Toronto Film Festival. It’s time to start getting psyched, it‘s the time when celebrities are warming for the occasion. The past year has seen the biggest style names like Marion Cotillard bear the banner, what does this year hold? It can only be a wonder and speculation what the style secrets will be.

For the fashion lovers, here are the France fashion trend, shop like a celebrity:

The Horizontal Stripes

It may have been inspired by the 2013 vertical stripping witnessed at Moschino and McCartney, but the stripe trend can still be interpreted as “Francais” accolades to simple white and black horizontal styles. When paired with even leather pants or jeans, one easily channels the iconic look of the 60s while still staying on point in 2014.


Red Lipstick

Red lipsticks remain all year-round staples; it is, therefore, not unique that the F/W 2013show models featured the red lipstick. Nothing dresses up and matches an outfit like the conventional, classic red lip, particularly when combined with a miniskirt A la ready to wear A.P.0 fall collection and a beret.

Riding Boots

It is a fact that the English lacks riding boots monopoly, however, the French brands, for instance, Hermes and Le Chameau provide a bankable reference to hunters if looking for a change. Alternatively, if in search for a little glamour in the market, have a look at the Vague pages, which currently features Gucci riding boots-high knees in the June issue.


Glory is to star Melanie Laurent, “Inglorious Basterds” actress, who showed up in a satin trench coat during the fall 2013 Burberry show in London. French style have been over and again associated with minimalism. Ms. Laurent dresses her coatdress down done with loose wavy hair, gray shoes and lip stain. This is the same thing she did at the “Now you see me” premiere; she donned low, all black and loose ponytails.


For years, drawers have always made statements; fall 2014 will not be an exception. They can be transformed to “French” by simply donning unconventional tint, like it featured in the Paris Fashion Week., or by going the Carla Bruni way, as seen in the menswear trend season. Donning an oversized blazer for Oxfords for the minimalist feel and a pair of loose fitting pair of jeans. This gives a much needed comfort.


History buffs, the 2013 show was from the “the Tudors” and I was magnificent. Through tweed, cashmere and tartan, Karl Lagerfield was borrowed from the United Kingdom’s past, because of the love Coco Cannel had for Elizabethan era. English theme revival is also big, and bringing the two together can be fantastic; tartan stockings with pair capes.

The classic French style mixes the cultural, conventional styles and scent that have taken the world with awe. The horizontal stripes, red lipsticks, the blazer styles, minimalism are the modern French styles that the celebrities have trended recently. A mixture of the traditional French methods to the modern styles has done it all this year. French fashion trends remain the leader and carry the banner for the global fashion lovers