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Top Tips For Gorgeous Women Fashion

Women with generous curves always find difficulties in finding a suitable clothes to your body, style and personality. The good news is that you are not doomed to dress in black forever; with some special fashion tricks you’ll look like you always wanted.

Top Tips For Gorgeous Women Fashion

Most important of all is that you feel good about yourself, the rest will only result in your state of mind. Once the inside is shining, the choice of clothing and clothing is only a practical question.

One of the goals of most women, what fashion is concerned, it is camouflaging some points of your body that are pleasing too. On the other hand, divert attention to its strengths is a pretty clever way to feel good under your own skin.

Then I leave a small manual for gorgeous fashion tricks:

Sleeve and neck: If you want to hide chubby arms, choose garments always sleeve, loose flowing and more flowing preferably not squeezed when you move. Handkerchiefs, scarves and beautiful necklaces are great because they draw attention to your neckline and divert attention from other parties.

Jeans and heels: when you buy a cowboy jeans, always choose the darker tones and the challenge quilt, leaving the hems touch the top of your feet; This simple trick will make you look thinner like magic. Sandals and high heels are excellent allies to reduce your measurements as they give the impression of more thin legs and a sleeker silhouette. The heels should be proportional to the body when fatter you are, the thicker it will be your heels.

Black: the color is the favorite, but that does not mean your looks should be exclusively black. It is best to choose a black base and other colors to liven up your combination.

Perfect models: Some models are great for graduates, such as blouses or dresses cross on the front. This type of press camouflages the protruding belly, sharpens the silhouette and promotes the neckline. The top who value your shoulders, necklines canoe are also good choices.

Tunics and leggings: This type of blouse is perfect to hide your trunk points, takes advantage of the cold season to mix with legging dark. Always buy items from your exact size to avoid leftovers that provide more visual volume.

More essential tricks:

  • Stripes: vertical always be your best friends, they sharpen the silhouette.
  • Flared: this type of cut hides hips and thick legs while marking his waist and enhances the silhouette
  • Necklines: all chubby woman has breasts and a nice neck, take advantage of this resource and bet on the sexy necklines