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How To Shop

Many people do not like shopping, but supposedly shopping should be fun. So if you do not like, it’s probably because you’re not doing well.


Bring enough money. You better make a budget. Ask your parents money … more or less about $ 200. Your parents probably will not agree at first, but tell them that’s more or less what they normally spend when they take you shopping, and your absolute maximum will be, you’ll be careful with what you buy, and that you will return them is Extra money. You can even tell them to do extra chores at home and things to earn it. If you do not give everything, ask your grandparents, then with the rest for yourself. Save for shopping.


Use appropriate clothing. Do not wear tight jeans, wear something that you can remove easily and quickly. Do not wear shoes that tie and are complicated, it is better to use sandals, meter, or heels if you do not hurt your feet. Use your best bra, and it may be better to use one strapless or one that can be converted to strapless, because maybe you try a blouse that you need. Use tank top under your blouse why you might want to try on a blouse in need of this garment.


Calls to her friends. Meeting a group of about two to four friends to go with you. If you can handle, you can ask him to pick them up. If you only have 12 to 15 years so your parents ask that lead and stand with your friends to get together somewhere (at 2:00 at the entrance).


Before you go shopping, think if there is something you really need like a pair of jeans or some dresses. It is better to write a list or the notes on your phone.


In addition, before shopping, think of the shops you have to visit. Depending on where you make your purchases and whether these shops are available. For example, if you’re going to a mall in many discount stores are perhaps not all the shops you want to visit. You should keep in mind what stores you would like to visit you and your friends in the place where you go shopping is.


Visit new stores. If while you are walking towards a store that looks good, go. There are many shops that maybe have not heard in shopping centers discounters, and most of them are good.